4 Effective Hotel Blog Post Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out

Attracting guests to your website is easier said than done, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are ways to do this. One such way is content marketing and, more specifically, blogging.

In fact, one-third of hotel website traffic comes from blog posts. 30-40% of purchases derive from organic traffic.

But now the question is: what should you write about?

Read on to find out what types of blog posts you should write for your hotel blog and get specific tips on engaging posts you can create right away.

What types of blog posts should you write for your hotel blog?

What types of blog posts get you engagement, traffic, and, ultimately, hotel bookings?

First things first:

Your posts need to be aligned with what your industry wants. To find that out, figure out what’s popular in your niche (your travel destination) and what your customers want.

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool you can use to find popular content in your niche. Here, you search for a keyword and the results show the most shared content for that keyword.

A search with the keyword “Venice, Italy”

Alternatively, look at what prominent sites share. That could be travel bloggers, other hotel blogs, or travel magazines. What’s popular on their sites?

But that’s not quite enough. You want to make sure that your guests appreciate your blog posts. And to figure that out, you need to know your customers and what they want to read about. If you don’t have a customer profile, check out this post to figure it out.

Blog post ideas you can use immediately for your hotel blog

Now you’ve figured out what’s popular in your niche and what your customers want. It’s time to take a look at four specific blog post ideas.

Travel guides

Travel guides are a given in the travel industry. Your guests are looking for information on their travel destination.

If your hotel is located in a crowded area, like a big city, there are plenty of other travel guides out there. The trick to standing out is to make your guide as extensive and original as possible.

Travelers tend to like authenticity. As an expert on your city or region, you could create a guide with lots of local tips. Or why not create a guide with funny tips that are a bit off the beaten path?

In your guide, you can (and should) certainly mention other businesses in the area, such as your favorite restaurants. And mentioning your competition is not a bad idea. You come off as transparent and you provide value to all your site visitors. After all, your hotel might not be the right fit for them right now. But if you give them tips on other hotels, they might share your guide with their friends.

Here are some examples of top-notch travel guides:

Now, you might not have the same budget as Lonely Planet. But you have a lot of value to offer in terms of content and you can use free design/stock photo tools like Canva and Unsplash to make your guide visually appealing.

Interviews with local businesses

Another blog post idea is to partner up with local businesses and create content that benefits both of you.

Here, you interview owners of local restaurants, attractions, and other service providers that tourists might find interesting. You get content for your blog and the other business gets exposure- win-win!

For example, here Le Germain Hotels in Canada interviews Montreal chef Jeff Stinco.

Behind the scenes

Alternatively, interview your staff to show the human side of your business.

This means you show how your hotel operates. You can interview your receptionist, show how your kitchen works, or chat with the gardener about the latest gardening trends- you get the gist.

Here’s Doyle Collection’s interview with their Executive Chef and here’s Nakar Hotel’s interview with chef Miquel Calent. Just note that you don’t need a five-star chef to pull this off. The idea is to show who you are.

Tell an interesting story

Is your city, region, or even hotel brimming with history?

Then, you have plenty of content ideas for your blog. Share your knowledge of local history, legends, or even ghost stories. If your guests are interested in history, they’ll appreciate it.

For example, check out this post where Primus Hotel Sydney tells the story of its rooftop bar. And in this post, hotel Bella Mare showcases historical places in Corfu.

Conclusion: Start creating compelling posts for your hotel blog

OK, that’s it.

Now you know how to consistently create content that piques your readers’ interest.

To recap:

  • Keep it relevant by researching what your niche and audience want to read about.
  • Showcase your expertise by giving value and information to your readers.
  • Tell stories in your posts to highlight interesting facts, show your human side, and connect with your guests.

Want more information on how to create blog posts that are irresistible and generate traffic? Check out these posts on content tips, hotel photography, and SEO.

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