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Since 2013 our Hotel WordPress themes are trusted by hundreds of properties worldwide, from small B&Bs to boutique hotels and upscale destination resorts.

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The share of OTA bookings is alarming

As an independent property, one of your biggest challenges is to increase direct bookings and reduce the commissions you pay to OTAs.

You don't have the resources to directly compete with OTAs or to drive huge amounts of organic traffic to your website. This is why you have to analyze and leverage the traffic that you already have.

With some effort, an optimized WordPress website with an efficient theme can help you boost traffic and increase conversion rates.

Website maintenance is a time sink

All you want is for your website to just work and have one less thing to worry about. Your time is better spent assisting your customers.

Have you ever wasted hours on end trying to fix something, and then have a professional fix it in 2 minutes? Creating and managing the website on your own often becomes a time consuming nightmare. Let me help.

Yes, WordPress is advertised as a DIY solution, but so is cooking. You can prepare any meal yourself, but professionals usually do it better.

Finding someone you can trust

You can't find a trustworthy developer to rely on in times of need. You might have worked with some snake oil salesmen that promised you the Moon, but it was a waste of time and money.

My name is Dumitru Brinzan , HermesThemes owner and developer. Aside from collaborations with web designers, HermesThemes is a one man operation.

Hospitality is my passion. HermesThemes is my full-time job. It is how I feed my growing family. If I promise to deliver something, then my name and reputation are at stake, not just the prospect of an inconvenient review.
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