One of the first things you learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that fresh content on a website will most likely get you better rankings in search engine result pages. Write a lot of fresh and relevant content and your site will rank better than the competition.
But what to write about on a hotel website?

If you think that there is not much you can write about and that your website has to be stale and outdated, then you are very much wrong.

Understand this: when a potential guest is researching your website, he is looking for answers. Deliver those answers and you might get that precious reservation.

The name of the game is local content.

Fortunately we know that the average traveler is usually looking for local information, so here are some content writing ideas to help you and your marketing efforts.


1. Local Attractions

There are always small and major local attractions next to any hotel or B&B. Why not write about it?
It can be a museum, a church, or even a famous pub or restaurant in the area.

The greatest benefit from writing about local attractions is that your guests will really appreciate this information. Educate your guests about what they should visit in the area, this will make their experience better and their memories of your hotel long-lasting.

Bonus points: borrow a professional SLR camera and go take your own photos of the attraction, make your photos unique and appealing.

Our themes have a special template for displaying local attractions.
All of our WordPress themes have a special page template for displaying local attractions.

2. Local Events

As a hotel administrator you should know about every event taking place in your area, no matter how small or big it is. These events create great opportunities to fill your empty rooms, so you should really take the time to research this.

Local and national holidays, scientific seminars, governmental programs, sporting events, religious events, dog shows, all these are great opportunities for your hotel.

Bonus points: add targeted special offers for event participants, which can add additional exposure from event planners and organizers.

Our Ambassador Theme has a special template for displaying local events.
Our Ambassador Theme has a special template for displaying local events.

3. Local Transportation

If you live in a busy area where traveling on foot is not the best option, make sure to write about transportation options from your hotel to all attractions in your area. Most likely you already provide this information at Reception, so why not put it on your website as well?

Bonus points: include the distance and the average transportation costs from your hotel to the attractions.

4. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Every month your hotel should be getting a couple of customer reviews on such websites like TripAdvisor,,, etc. There is no shame in taking some of those testimonials and publishing them on your website as well.

Bonus points: ask your happy customers for permission to include their photos next to their reviews. Just a name may sound a bit artificial, but a name with a photo can make all the difference.

All of our WordPress themes have a special page template for displaying testimonials.
All of our WordPress themes have a special page template for displaying testimonials.

Summary / Key Points

  • Write useful information about attractions in the area;
  • Create special offers during local events;
  • Write down the questions that you get at Reception and address them on your website;
  • Write for your target audience, not for search engines.

Have you tried these content tips on your website, or maybe you can share some ideas of your own? Would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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