Introducing: One Click Demo Import

It is my great pleasure to announce that all our WordPress themes have been updated with a great new feature: One Click Demo Import.

Even though we have been providing our customers with an .XML file with the Sample Data used in our Live Demos, the process of manually downloading, unpacking and importing the content was a little annoying. No more of that!

In short, it works like this: After installing one of our themes you will see a notice telling you to install a plugin that handles the Import process. After installing and activating this plugin, a new “Import Demo Content” option appears in the Appearance section of the Dashboard. Open that page and click the “Import Demo Data” button. Wait for a couple of minutes (depends on your server’s Internet connection) and you’re done. You will have a complete replica of the theme’s Live Demo.

Here’s a video of how this new feature works in our Prestige theme. The process is exactly the same across all of our Hotel WordPress themes.

This feature has been on the To-Do list for some time and I’m really happy that it is now included in all our themes. I hope that people new to WordPress will find it so much easier to learn WordPress with a complete website already set up for them, instead of trying to build everything up from scratch.

The One Click Demo Import feature was introduced on 11th of July 2017. If you have downloaded the theme(s) earlier than that then this feature is not present yet. Simply update your copy of the theme and it will be there.

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