Introducing AURORA Hotel WordPress Theme

I’m excited to announce this week’s release of our newest Hotel WordPress theme: AURORA.

Aurora has a clean, stylish and distraction-free one-column design. It helps you present your website content in the best light possible, without any distractions (such as widgetized sidebars).

The homepage is built using our custom “Featured Pages” widget, so you can highlight as many content pages as you like, in multiple 2-3-4 column grids.

Below I would like to describe some of the theme’s main features.

Two Header Styles

The theme comes with 2 header styles: Default (2 columns) and Centered.

The Default style is great for hotels with smaller logos and short menus.

The Centered style is great for hotels with wider logos and longer menus.

Header: Default Style (for shorter menus)

Header: Centered Style (for longer menus)

Homepage is Built With Easy to Use Widgets

Just like in most of our hotel themes, Aurora’s homepage can be quickly built using some basic and custom (included) widgets.

Below is a guide for our live demo, which was built using the following widgets:

  • Text Widget (standard): for the welcome message (Homepage H1 Tag).
  • 2 Image Widgets (standard since WordPress 4.8): for the images to the right of the welcome message.
  • Hermes: Featured Pages (custom): for the Rooms & Suites block.
  • Hermes: Recent Posts (custom): for showing the latest 2, 3 or 4 blog posts.
  • Hermes: Featured Pages (custom): for the Packages block.

You can use the same widgets multiple times and make your homepage as complex (and unique) as you wish.

Flexible Rooms List Custom Page Template

Aurora comes with a “Rooms List” custom page template which is great for showcasing the different types of rooms in a 2-3-4 columns layout.

In reality you can use this template to show any pages in a grid layout, be it room types, villas, separate hotels, cars, packages, etc.

You don’t have to build these columns on your own using time-consuming “builder” plugins.
Our custom page template automatically creates the columns and displays this page’s “child” pages.

By default our Live Demo displays this page using 3 columns.

The Rooms List 2 columns layout: larger thumbnails, larger page titles.

Beautiful Room Custom Page Template

You can easily create beautiful pages to showcase your rooms.

Our “Room Type” custom page template contains these key elements that room pages should have.

  • Breadcrumbs, before the page title, for easier navigation.
  • Big, bold page title.
  • Room price or short call to action (optional)
  • Reservation Button which can link to a page or an external URL of choice. (optional)
  • Your regular page content. (text, photos)
  • Room details table populated with custom fields which are defined on the Theme Options page. (optional)
  • Dynamic menu containing links to child pages that have the same parent page.
  • Optional photo gallery in a 2-8 columns layout, with a lightbox effect (free plugin required).

Here’s what a sample room page looks like.

Attractions List Custom Page Template

This page template is similar to the Rooms List (2-3-4 columns), but with some minor styling differences.

In our Live Demo we use it to display two different sections: Packages and Attractions.

The Attractions List 3 columns layout with sub-titles.

Each page has a (optional) sub-title for a very concise summary of what the page is about.

We use this sub-title to present the main perks of each package (on the Packages page), as well as the approximate distance for each attraction (on the Attractions page).

Give AURORA Theme a Try

You can Buy Aurora Theme here.
You can View a Live Demo of Aurora Theme here.

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