Hi, my name is Dumitru Brinzan ( ), HermesThemes owner and developer.

Since launching HermesThemes in 2013, hundreds of properties around the world have started using my WordPress themes on their hotel websites.

The beginning of HermesThemes

After getting tired of seeing bad and outdated hotel websites all over the world I have decided to try and make a change. HermesThemes was launched in February 2013 as an alternative to traditional (and usually expensive) web design firms.

Mission statement

My mission is simple and straightforward: make it easy for hoteliers and innkeepers to have a great website for your hotel, inn, B&B, resort, etc. without spending a fortune.

Creating and maintaining a website can be a tiring and frustrating experience, so friendly and timely support is critical.

I handle all the customer relations and support, I read and respond to every email and support ticket. Your satisfaction is my main concern, it is my full-time job.

The current state of HermesThemes

As of February 2018 over 1000 properties worldwide use my themes on their WordPress-powered websites. You can see some of these properties on the Clients World Map.

Keeping up with the Hospitality Industry

My inbox is filled with hospitality and web design news on a daily basis. I try to extract valuable knowledge and use it in my theme designs. Some of this knowledge is shared in the HermesThemes Blog.

Customers becoming friends

I love connecting with people, which is one of the reasons I started this business.

So far I've been blessed with great clients, some of which went on to become my friends. Whenever I make travel plans for my family, I try to include destinations where I can meet some of the people that I help.

Would you like to meet us during one of our trips?
Get in touch, we'll be glad to hear from you.