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How to Delete a WordPress Theme in 2021

In this tutorial you will learn how to delete a WordPress Theme from your website.

Video Transcript:

To delete a theme, go to the Dashboard and open the Themes page in the Appearance section.
You cannot delete the active theme, so you have to switch to a different theme if you want to delete the current one.
Click on the theme to open a modal window with its information.
In the bottom-right corner you will see this small “Delete” link. Click the Delete link and click OK to confirm your intent.

Congratulations! You have now deleted a WordPress theme from your server.

There are a few good reasons why you would delete one or multiple WordPress themes from your website.

The main reason is better security. In some cases popular but outdated themes may contain known vulnerabilities. Hackers often do automatic scans of websites to try and find themes and plugins with known vulnerabilities. If you care about your website’s security, then there is no real reason to keep old themes that you will never use again.
Deleting a theme does not delete the content that already exists on your WordPress website, with some small exceptions.