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How to Set up the Slideshow on the Homepage in Paramount Theme

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the homepage slideshow in the Paramount WordPress theme.

Video Transcript:

The Paramount theme uses a custom post type for the slideshow.

Go to the Dashboard and find the Slideshow panel. Click on the Add New link.
Currently each slide has 4 elements: a title, a featured image and an optional tagline and URL.

Let’s create a new slide and fill in all 4 fields.

Title: This is the title
Tagline: This is the tagline, it can be longer.

Now if we look at the homepage, we can see our new slide.
The title of the slide links to our URL. If you don’t provide the URL for a slide, the title will be just text.

Please note that the slides in the homepage slideshow are ordered by the published date. To change the order of the slides, simply change the published date of a post. To bring an old post to the front, change the date to a more recent one.