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How to Set up the Booking Buttons in Paramount Theme

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the booking buttons in Paramount Theme.

Video Transcript:

Paramount theme includes a call to action button that is displayed in the top-right corner of the website.

To set it up, please open the Customize page. Open the Theme Settings panel and then the Header panel.

You can edit the two lines of text and set an URL for the button. It can be an internal or external link.

Another location where you could have a call to action button is below the page title on every post or page of your website.
Open the Widgets page and expand the Pages: Call to Action area.
Add a standard Text widget.
Add some text and then insert the desired link.
Switch the widget from Visual to Text mode to reveal the HTML markup of the link. Add these two custom CSS classes to the link to use the theme’s special link styles.
Please make sure that you don’t make any syntax errors in the HTML markup.

If you don’t want these widgets to appear on specific pages, you will have to edit those pages and check the “Hide Call to Action Widgets” checkbox in the Custom Options meta box.

And finally, a call to action button or link could also be placed as a widget above or below the primary menu.
You can do that on the Widgets page in the Appearance section.
Add the widget to the Sidebar: Menu Section Top or Bottom.