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How to Use Page Layouts in Castello Theme

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the multiple page layouts that are available in the Castello WordPress theme.

Video Transcript:

The Castello theme allows you to set up the default page layout that will be used across your website. Go to the Customize page and open the Theme Settings panel and then the General Options panel. Select the layout that you think will work best for your website.
You can override the default setting by manually choosing the page layout for specific pages.
To do that, Edit the page and look at the right side of the screen. Find the Custom Options meta box. In the Page Layout select box, you can use one of the 5 built-in options.
Let’s try the Content Width option.

This will display the featured image or the slideshow in the widest way possible, while the page content will be displayed below it.

The other 4 options will display the featured image to the left or to the right of the content. The only difference is the ratio between the content size and the featured image size.

Because I have set the Honeymoon Suite page to use the Content Width option, it will now ignore the default theme setting.