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How to use Custom Block Patterns in Castello Theme

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the custom block patterns in the Castello WordPress theme.

Video Transcript:

Castello theme includes two custom block patterns for the new Block Editor.

Start by creating a new page or by editing an existing one.

Click on the plus sign to open the menu for blocks and patterns.
Switch from the Blocks panel to the Patterns panel.
Select the Castello Blocks in the patterns dropdown.

Select one of the available patterns.
Now you can easily set an image and change the text for this block.

The process is the same with the second pattern.

When adding images in these blocks, I recommend that you change the Image size from the default “Large” size to Landscape or Square.

If you want the image, the title or the Learn More text to link to some pages, you will have to manually add the links. Simply select the image or the text and click on the Link icon.

You can use the same pattern multiple times and you can arrange them in any order.