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How to Set up the Homepage in Castello Theme

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up the homepage in the Castello WordPress theme.

Video Transcript:

Castello works best with a static page as your homepage.

Let’s start by creating a new page, but you can also use an existing page.

Use a meaningful page title. I recommend that you include your property name and location.
“Welcome to our Hotel” is a bad title.
“Welcome to Castello B&B in Siena, Tuscany” is a much better title.

Add some text that describes your property.

Don’t forget to set a featured image for this page. If you have one great photo of your property then this is a great opportunity to show it off.

And finally go to the Reading page in the Settings section.
Change the homepage to display a static page and select your newly created page.

And now your homepage is ready.

We have separate video tutorials on how to add a slideshow instead of a single featured image, how to use the built-in block patterns and how to manually change the layout of pages.
Understanding these basic theme features will allow you to create a beautiful website that perfectly matches your needs.