Introducing Castello WordPress Theme [VIDEO]

It is with great pleasure that we release our first WordPress theme of this Summer: Castello.

Castello Theme will work best for websites with beautiful photography, such as websites for luxury villas, holiday/vacation homes, small B&Bs, farmhouses, etc.



Theme Details / Buy or Theme Live Demo


Improved Gallery Template

After looking closely to how customers use our other themes, we have noticed that the Gallery page template needs some improvement. As such, you can now have sub-galleries in your Gallery page, so as to better sort all of your photos.



Different Room Rates for Different Seasons

As Castello Theme was developed with vacation homes and villas in mind, we knew that rental prices vary from season to season. For this reason we have created the ability to define custom periods of time, and set different rates for these periods.

So now you can easily set different prices for your Low/Medium/High seasons without editing a single line of code.



Time for a Redesign

With the Summer season upon us, tourists from all over the world are looking for vacation home rentals for their long-awaited holidays. Is your hotel’s or villa’s website ready to impress and engage them?

8 Replies to “Introducing Castello WordPress Theme [VIDEO]”

  1. joe coady

    Just setting up Castillo locally and testing. However, when i test on mobile using iPhone and BB10 i get some layout issues. If Castillo fully compatible with mobile phones?

  2. joe coady

    Hi Dumitru – in case I have you confused I replied to your questions ref what it looks like on my phone using another email address – but it is me. Basically can i simply switch to ambassador theme!

  3. carlos c

    Hi Dumitru, Is there a way to change the background color of the second column where the content of the menu items appear? You can change the background color of the first column which is the block menu in Appearance > Customize, but I want to change the black background of the second column to another color. Thank you.

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