How Hotel Press and Media Kits Help You Get Publicity

In this article, I’d like to discuss how press and media kits help you get publicity. “Press kits” and “media kits” are often used to describe the same thing.

They’re both information packages used to communicate business information to the press and media. Think of them as introducing your business and communicating the most important information about it.

Example of a hotel press kit: Copenhagen Strand (Source:

Example of a hotel press kit. (source: Copenhagen Strand).

Why do you need a press or media kit?

While media coverage is important for any business, this topic is particularly useful for the hospitality industry.
After all, most of your visitors rely exclusively on articles, blog posts and reviews when booking their hotel stay. In fact, blog recommendations are among the most powerful word of mouth marketing methods.

Say you’ve done a great job and a journalist or blogger wants to publicize your hotel in an article or blog post. Well done! To make their life easier and help them convey your hotel with total accuracy, you need a press or media kit.

If you don’t have one ready and are contacted with a press opportunity, it’s hard to quickly put it together. Worst case scenario, you might even miss out on invaluable publicity.

After all, you can receive these inquiries unexpectedly. Media representatives often land on your website by chance.
For example, curated directories and design blogs regularly scour the web searching for great locations to include on their sites. Travel blogs frequently write about the best hotels in a particular city or country.

They’re much more likely to feature you in these posts with a press or media kit in place. Journalists and bloggers need high-quality material, so make it as easy as possible for them to find it.


Example of a travel piece on the best hotels in London. (Source:

How do you put together a press or media kit?

There’s no standardized format for hotel press kits.
Keep in mind that journalists go through several of them every day. Your media kit must grab the reader’s attention. This way, journalists and bloggers are much more likely to remember your hotel and feature it.

What you should consider including:

Letter of introduction: A letter of introduction is the first impression of your hotel and your press or media kit. It’s essential that you make it as compelling and engaging as possible. Include information about the contents of your press or media kit and business contact information.

Hotel information and facts: This is the part where you include general information and facts about your hotel. For example, you can include information about your hotel’s history, ownership and facts and figures, like hotel occupancy. You should also include general information about your rooms, prices and amenities.

Your logo: A logo is a must-have in a press or media kit. Make it high quality and high-resolution. Include at least one alternative with a transparent background.

Articles/Press: A good idea is to include recent (or older) press. For example, if your hotel has been featured in a blog post on the best hotels in your area, a blogger looking to feature you in a similar post can strengthen your profile in the blog post by linking to the older post.

Awards: In the hospitality industry, awards can set you apart from your competition. Including relevant awards can help you do just that.

Your employees: To add a personal touch to your press or media kit you can add employee profiles. For example, you might highlight their professional history.

High-resolution hotel images: Consumers often make decisions whether to stay at a hotel or not based on images. That’s why it’s crucial to include high-resolution images of your hotel and its surroundings.

Further ideas:

Information about the city or area you’re located in: Is there something specific that your area is known for? Maybe you can tie it together with your hotel and its history. You can also ask employees or guests to share their best travel tips.

Community involvement: Is your hotel active in your local community, like a particular charity? Highlight this in your press or media kit!

Press releases: It’s appropriate to include press releases in your media kit, especially if you want to highlight a particular milestone for your hotel.

Example hotel press and media kits and how you can use them

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton features a comprehensive media kit on its website. While you don’t need one that’s as extensive, you can definitely take note of some of the things that the Ritz is doing right.

For example, it features a special section for weddings at the Ritz-Carlton. As we know, the chain’s hotels are frequently used as luxurious wedding venues. It’s highly relevant to include a section on this in the media kit.

How to apply this to your press or media kit: Is there something in particular that your visitors appreciate about your hotel? For example, your hotel restaurant might serve a delicious meal that your region is known for. Highlight your restaurant and its menu in your media kit.

Hayfield Manor



This creative press kit really stands out. It’s designed with the hotel’s look and brand in mind. It also includes clever writing, like a section on “The Hayfield Manor Recipe”, which describes what makes this particular hotel unique. The media kit includes employees’ personal profiles and showcases the hotel’s rooms.

How to apply this to your press or media kit: Brand your press or media kit according to your hotel’s character, tell your story and include personal elements. This is an easy way to make it unforgettable.

Saffire Freycinet

Saffire Freycinet, an Australian hotel, makes it incredibly easy to find the most important information about their hotel. They divide their media kit into three parts: News & Trade Information, Press Articles and Awards & Accolades. Each part of the media kit includes clear descriptions.

How to apply this to your press or media kit: Make sure you organize your press or media kit in a layout that’s easy to navigate. You don’t want to turn off journalists or bloggers who can’t find what they’re looking for just because your press or media kit is poorly structured.


Hotel press kits are an essential part of your hotel’s publicity efforts. By making it easy for journalists and bloggers to find this information, you maximize your chances of inclusion in their next story or blog post. You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, include superfluous information – basic information about your hotel and high-resolution images are enough.

Take a look at your About Us page. Is the information there relevant for people looking to give your hotel publicity? If yes, it’s a good start. To make it as easy as possible to access all the right information, create a page with a press or media kit and link to it on your website.

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